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Cremona Guided Tour

Cremona is famous all over the world for the delicious "torrone" and for the production of “violins" Actually, it is a town rich in history, art and traditions. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just an hour from Milan, located in the verdant nature of the Lombard countryside.

Strolling through the old town centre you can still admire the many workshops of master violin makers, and discover the secrets of making precious musical instruments, there are also a lot of pastry shops and delicatessens where you can taste some excellent food, and finally the fascinating monuments, witnesses of a glorious past, such as the splendid cathedral with its cycle of frescoes, the baptistery, with its impressive architecture, the Torrazzo, the highest brick bell tower in Europe, the Town Hall and the Loggia dei Militi with its fourteenth-century statues.

This is a journey through flavours, music and culture that you can’t miss!

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