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Bergamo is a city divided into the lower part, modern and active, and the upper part, built on a hill and surrounded by the Venetian walls that have been recently named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The heart of the upper part of the city is the old square, surrounded by buildings of different periods and divided in two by the Palazzo della Ragione, which once separated the "political and administrative" centre from the religious one, characterized by the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Duomo and the Baptistery, a treasure chest containing monuments of rare beauty.

Bergamo is a must not only for art and history lovers, but also for those who want to appreciate the local culinary traditions; actually, here you can taste the famous Polenta and Osei, as well as the famous "casonsei", but also meat, cheese and cold cuts, always accompanied by good wine.

Finally, for nature lovers there are a lot of walking trails where you can admire the surrounding mountains, woods, fauna and flora. There is something for everyone!


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