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An exclusive experience of MI EXPERIENCE, to discover a place full of mysteries.

"The fact that everything has been preserved and remained unchanged over time gives a charm and creates a particular suggestion, making you perceive the soul of the house and of those who lived there."


A splendid visit to be enjoyed alone or with the whole family, in a perfectly preserved historic residence. A unicum not only of Lombardy, but of all of Italy.


You will be catapulted into an emotional journey of over 2000 years of history,  accompanied  from the engaging Narration of the Owner, Count Alberto Uva


An immersive experience in the past, in the rooms of the Dimora, unchanged over time and remained intact over the centuries. 


The tour will start from the fourteenth-century Chapel of S. Maria in Villa and will wind through the ancient living rooms fully furnished and full of furnishings and historical relics , the result of the owners' great passion for collecting.


The story, however, starts from further away: the first building sees its foundations on the ruins of a Roman "castrum" . The discovery of artifacts from the Roman era is interesting: a javelin point , a sling , a coin (Tiberian dipondio from 22 AD) and votive offerings.


Inside the Chapel another surprise: an urn containing the skull of a famous Marquis , with codes belonging to the Knights Templar and curious secrets still open.


We will admire the  columns with Celto-Etruscan writings, dating back to the 7th century BC, which adorn the magnificent entrance to the villa.


Going through  the wonderful park, adorned with over 100 lime trees and cedars, magnolias, badgers and  Sequoias, you will visit  period bedrooms , ancient kitchens and a precious private armory , where ancient weapons, flags, war instruments and banners from the 1700s to the Second World War are kept.


The suggestive narration  of the landlord , the curious anecdotes and objects in the collections will transport you on a journey through the centuries, with suggestive settings and still unsolved mysteries.


An exclusive guided tour,   discovering the seventeenth-century villa , among secret passages , Templar remains, Etruscan and Roman remains and frescoes from the 1400s.

An exclusive MI EXPERIENCE tour, to discover a hidden pearl of Lombardy.




Simple. (CAI: Routes that do not require specific training or that could present orientation problems (walk). Generally: small roads, mule tracks or wide paths.)


10.04.2022  15.00


Villa Sormani Marzorati Grapes,  Piazza Sormani, 1, 23873 Missaglia LC, Italy


We recommend parking near the Villa

2.5 H



  1. How can I pay?  Payment is made on site, directly to the guide
  2. I have to book? Yes. Due to Covid restrictions our tours are limited in number.
  3. What happens when I click on the "Book Now" button? By clicking, you fill out a registration form to reserve your seat. The data collected is used to prepare the electronic invoice, as per regulation. NO PAYMENT TAKES PLACE
  4. What happens if I have an unexpected event? Do I have to pay a penalty? No, no penalty is foreseen if you cannot participate. However, please notify us in advance to allow guests on the waiting list to be able to attend.
  5. What happens in case of bad weather? As there is no advance payment, a refund is not required. As mentioned, payment is made directly at the time of the tour. Being a visit inside the Villa, it can take place easily even in case of bad weather.



  • Click on the "Book Now" button to access the booking form and reserve your seat
  • Payment is made on site directly to the guide. There is therefore no penalty in the event of cancellation.
  • We are waiting for you at the pre-arranged time and place to spend a wonderful visit together!


If you want to book for more people, just enter the name and surname of your guests in the appropriate form on this page, select the number of tickets and click on "Book Now" to confirm the reservation.


To ensure the safety of all our guests, tours are currently reserved for a limited number of people. Tours take place in compliance with all anti-Covid safety regulations.


Should the pandemic situation worsen or in case of bad weather,  each guest will receive notice of cancellation of the excursion in advance.


The mask is mandatory inside the rooms of the Villa.

For any other questions or information, feel free to write to

We are waiting for you!

Invitation to the Villa: The Secrets of Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva

  • MI EXPERIENCE Prêt à Voyager Tours are experiences on fixed dates and open to all, directly taken from our exclusive private tours  Made-to-Order

Absconditorum Clavis

MI EXPERIENCE is a project born during the pandemic to support Italian tourism and local operators.

The founders' experience of 30 years of activity in the tourism sector, available to the most discerning tourists, the most prestigious companies and the most renowned international personalities.

With our tours, trips, excursions, and events, we want to introduce you to the most authentic and unfiltered Italy: the entrepreneurial and industrious one of our artisans, the artistic and cultural one of the great painters, sculptors and architects and the greener one, product of a lucky mix of natural factors, which makes us one of the countries with the widest biodiversity in the world.

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Your Testimonials ❤️

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Maria Trazza

Thank you for letting me travel, despite the restrictions, with online tours. Reviewing my Ravenna with you made me emotional

image (1).jpeg

Luca Cocchi

I will never forget the excursion to Como and Brunate. Magnificent views and a truly knowledgeable guide. See you next time!

image (6).jpeg

Cinzia De Giorgi

I have followed your online fashion tours with great interest. I didn't know Versace's story, but thanks for presenting this part of our Made in Italy history.


Lucia Tronzano

The excursion to Montevecchia and the Curone valley was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. Thanks Giulia!

image (5).jpeg

Matteo Riva

Thanks Giulia, my wife really enjoyed the gift of the online tour on women in art. Frida Kahlo is her favorite painter!

image (1).jfif

Anna Martinelli

Thanks to MI EXPERIENCE I rediscovered my hometown, Bergamo, in a new way. Thanks!

image (4).jfif

Matteo Borradori

Really a beautiful excursion, I did not know the Ortica district of Milan. Can't wait to join the next tour!

image (2).jfif

Francesca Conti

I attended the Porta Nuova tour with great interest. Thanks to Giulia and Simona for showing the most modern Milan. A really cool tour

image (5).jfif

Annalisa Spagna

I didn't know you, but a friend of mine invited me to one of your tours. It was a pleasant surprise, thanks to you I rediscovered the Martesana, where my father worked.

image (6).jfif

Aldo Schiavano

I bought the Monza tour for my wife's birthday. Fantastic experience, congratulations to Giulia and Simona for the magnificent organization.

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