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MI GIFT EXCLUSIVE: Unique and rare experiences. Our most exclusive MI GIFTs for tourists who want the best. If it is true that a diamond is forever, a memory is even more so.






"Even love, like the novice tailor, cuts without sewing." Mirko Badiale




An 'exclusive experience, tagged MI EXPERIENCE, dedicated to all lovers of art and fashion.




Welcome to the Secret Atelier Tour, a unique experience in the beating heart of Italian fashion. On this tour, you will discover the secrets of haute couture, immersing yourself in the world of Fiorella, a renowned Milanese fashion designer.






Our adventure begins by meeting Fiorella in her exclusive fashion atelier, located near the bustling Corso Como in Milan. Here, Fiorella creates high fashion clothes for women and men, combining tradition and innovation.




Fiorella will introduce us to the world of Italian fashion, explaining how it has developed over time. She will share fascinating stories about the most influential names that have shaped the excellence of Italian fashion.




We will explore Fiorella's atelier, where she herself will present a selection of her bespoke garments. We will discover the techniques of fabrication, from initial designs to final realization.




We will have the opportunity to try on some of the atelier's exclusive garments, learning about merceology-the study of the composition and properties of fabrics. This section of the tour emphasizes the importance of the materials used and discusses how classic methods are disappearing, as well as what we can do to preserve them for future generations. Fiorella will teach us how to take measurements of the body and understand its anatomy. This knowledge is crucial to making a perfectly tailored garment.




The tour will end with a time for reflection and discussion, where we can share our impressions and ask Fiorella questions. This will also be an opportunity to discuss how fashion influences and is influenced by society and culture.




The tour has a duration of 2-3 hours.




The tour is for a maximum of 10 people, for larger groups please email








How can I pay? Payment is made by bank transfer or credit card.

What happens by clicking on the "Book Now" button? By clicking, you fill out an enrollment form. The data collected is used to prepare the electronic invoice, as per the regulations. Once completed you will receive instructions for making payment.

Is there a time limit for payment? Yes, once you confirm your reservation and receive the email with payment instructions, payment must be made no later than 24 hours. After that time, your order will be cancelled.

Can I change the MI-GIFT I have chosen? Each MI GIFT can be changed at no cost until the reservation is confirmed. Once the date is confirmed and up to 20 days from the date you are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the amount paid. From the 19th day the full amount of the reservation will be withheld and no refund will be issued. It is always possible to change dates within the same booking year without penalty. If this option is not feasible, cancellation will be subject to the rules mentioned above.

Is there a time limit to use MI-GIFT? Absolutely not, MI-GIFTs have no expiration date.



Undecided? Give away our Gift Card and let your recipients choose their favorite tour:


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Select the number of guests via the appropriate field above

Enter the recipient's name, email and a greeting message. This step is optional, in its absence we will send the voucher to your email address.

Click on the "Book Now" button to access the reservation form and purchase your Gift Card

Payment is made by bank transfer or credit card. Upon completing the reservation you will receive all payment instructions

Once payment is confirmed, the recipient will receive a special email with your greeting message inside and a description of the fantastic tour chosen

We look forward to a wonderful visit together!



Still have questions? Write to




Should you wish to purchase for more than one person, you can change the quantity via the appropriate field. Enter the separate recipients in the appropriate forms and their respective gift messages. We will send two separate gift emails to your loved ones.



MI EXPERIENCE organizes its experiences according to all preventive measures for Covid-19. We guarantee maximum security so that your visit can take place under the best conditions. Venue availability is subject to confirmation.




For any other questions or information, please write to us at

MI GIFT: Secret Atelier Milan

  • What are MI GIFTs?




    MI GIFTs are exclusive private experiences, to be enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones




    What do your tours consist of?




    Our Tours are exclusive, slow-paced experiences developed to preserve and pass on the history and culture of the places we visit.


    We guarantee the utmost commitment to best satisfy the most demanding tourists and true lovers of art and culture




    The Tour is not personal. Can I give a gift?




    Absolutely. Use the field above to give us the name of the gift recipient and their email address. You will receive a special communication from us with the gift and your name. Should you deisder more personalization or have special needs please email us at




    What is included in the tour package?




    Insights, curiosities and novel discoveries: this and much more are the MI EXPERIENCE Tours.




    Our tours always include:





    Conception and organization


    Contact with and respect for local traditions


    Support to small artisans and entrepreneurs of the place visited


    "Slow" and environmentally sustainable planning


    Guided tour with exclusively local licensed tour guide and/or art historian


    Possible entrance fees and/or means of transportation on site


    Support from specialized staff




    What anti Covid-19 precautions do you take?




    To ensure the maximum safety of our guests and to best contain the development of the pandemic, our tours are conducted following the updated pandemic containment guidelines. We kindly ask that protective equipment such as face masks be worn at all times. We would also like to remind you that, at the moment, our tours are held with a limited number of places. Should the pandemic situation not allow for the tour, it will be cancelled upon notification.




    Can I customize MI GIFT tours?




    Absolutely. Our MI GIFT tours are designed to be exclusive and private experiences. Email us at and one of our Tour Managers will walk you through customizing the tour according to your needs and those of your guests




    I have more questions




    Feel free to email or chat with us at We look forward to helping you and having you among our guests



  • MI_NFT, an exclusive MI EXPERIENCE service to forever sculpt the memory of the wonderful experience you choose.




    Our digital artisans will create for you an NFT of your choice from:




    Digital Art: an NFT created entirely by us based on your chosen tour

    Personal: a unique NFT generated from one of your photos taken during the chosen tour



    The NFT will be kept in our wallet or sent to yours at no additional cost

Absconditorum Clavis

MI EXPERIENCE is a project born during the pandemic to support Italian tourism and local operators.

The founders' experience of 30 years of activity in the tourism sector, available to the most discerning tourists, the most prestigious companies and the most renowned international personalities.

With our tours, trips, excursions, and events, we want to introduce you to the most authentic and unfiltered Italy: the entrepreneurial and industrious one of our artisans, the artistic and cultural one of the great painters, sculptors and architects and the greener one, product of a lucky mix of natural factors, which makes us one of the countries with the widest biodiversity in the world.

Do you want to organize a private tour or do you have questions? Chat with one of our Tour Manager

Your Testimonials ❤️

image (4).jpeg

Maria Trazza

Thank you for letting me travel, despite the restrictions, with online tours. Reviewing my Ravenna with you made me emotional

image (1).jpeg

Luca Cocchi

I will never forget the excursion to Como and Brunate. Magnificent views and a truly knowledgeable guide. See you next time!

image (6).jpeg

Cinzia De Giorgi

I have followed your online fashion tours with great interest. I didn't know Versace's story, but thanks for presenting this part of our Made in Italy history.


Lucia Tronzano

The excursion to Montevecchia and the Curone valley was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. Thanks Giulia!

image (5).jpeg

Matteo Riva

Thanks Giulia, my wife really enjoyed the gift of the online tour on women in art. Frida Kahlo is her favorite painter!

image (1).jfif

Anna Martinelli

Thanks to MI EXPERIENCE I rediscovered my hometown, Bergamo, in a new way. Thanks!

image (4).jfif

Matteo Borradori

Really a beautiful excursion, I did not know the Ortica district of Milan. Can't wait to join the next tour!

image (2).jfif

Francesca Conti

I attended the Porta Nuova tour with great interest. Thanks to Giulia and Simona for showing the most modern Milan. A really cool tour

image (5).jfif

Annalisa Spagna

I didn't know you, but a friend of mine invited me to one of your tours. It was a pleasant surprise, thanks to you I rediscovered the Martesana, where my father worked.

image (6).jfif

Aldo Schiavano

I bought the Monza tour for my wife's birthday. Fantastic experience, congratulations to Giulia and Simona for the magnificent organization.

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