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MI GIFT EXCLUSIVE: Unique and rare experiences. Our most exclusive MI GIFTs for tourists who want the best. If it is true that a diamond is forever, a memory is even more so.



"For Pliny the truffle was a callus of the earth. For Brillat-Savarin the diamond of the kitchen. For Rossini, the" Mozart of mushrooms ". According to the ancient sages, their abuse caused melancholy. Rasputin prescribed it to Tsar Nicholas and the Tsarevich Aleksej to cure his haemophilia. Napoleon and the Marquis de Sade used truffles in their love affairs: they both considered it an exceptional aphrodisiac ... "


An exclusive experience that will lead you to get to know the black diamond of the kitchen at 360 °.


The truffle, a precious and unique ingredient already in the times of the ancient Romans, who considered it a divine gift, is the protagonist of this exclusive experience by MI EXPERIENCE, which is divided into 2 incredible programs:



A day in search of seasonal truffles in the woods, and then end with a special tasting menu;   a day of total immersion in the world of truffles


  • 10.15 am: Welcome coffee and introduction to the world of truffles
  • 10.30 am: Start of the truffle hunt (duration about 1h and 30min - 2h)
  • Upon return, around 12.30: Truffle tasting


  • Appetizer of the truffle hunter: selection of our products
  • Tagliolini with fresh truffle
  • Fried egg, classic dish par excellence with truffles
  • Dessert surprise
  • Wine, water and coffee included



For the most demanding palates. We will search together for seasonal truffles in the woods and teach you to recognize, select and cook them. We will also reveal all the secrets of a family that has been working with truffles for over a century.


  • 10:00 Meeting with Welcome Coffee and introduction to the world of truffles
  • 10:15 Move to the wooded area for truffle hunting led by our trained dogs
  • 12:00 Return to the company and start of a practical cooking course - truffle-based menu with Tasting of the dishes prepared

Topics covered

  • The truffle: how it is born, grows and develops
  • Classification and description of the different types
  • The life of the truffle: function of the plants with which it grows in symbiosis
  • The dog: training techniques
  • Relationship between the truffle hunter and his dog
  • Cleaning and storage
  • Use in the kitchen



Discover the secrets of the truffle in a day reserved for the most demanding palates, in collaboration with a family that has been researching, preparing and shipping truffles all over the world, rigorously Made in Italy.


The 2 tours are  for up to 6 people.




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  • Can I change the chosen MI-GIFT? Yes, each MI-GIFT can be exchanged for an equivalent price, up to 1 day before the date of the chosen tour if already booked, otherwise without time limits. defect, you can still book our service with the integration of the missing amount. On the contrary, if the amount of the voucher should be in excess, you will be able to use the voucher on all our services until it is used up.
  • Is there a time limit to use the MI-GIFT?  Absolutely not, MI-GIFTs have no expiration date.


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MI GIFT: Truffle Experience

  • What are MI GIFTs?

    MI GIFTs are exclusive private experiences, to be enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones

    What are your tours about?

    Our Tours are exclusive and slow experiences, developed to preserve and pass on the history and culture of the places we will visit. Offered by our MI EXPERIENCE professional guides, true artisans of unique and exclusive experiences, we will take you to the discovery of places and landscapes in a new way.
    We guarantee the utmost commitment to satisfy the most demanding tourists and true lovers of art and culture in the best possible way

    The Tour is not personal. Can I make a gift?

    Absolutely yes. Use the field above to tell us the name of the gift recipient and their email address. You will receive a special communication from us with the gift and your name. If you would like more customization or have special needs, please write us an email to

    What is included in the tour package?

    Insights, curiosities and unpublished discoveries: this and much more are the MI EXPERIENCE Tours.

    Our  tours always include:

    • Concept and organization
    • Contact and respect for local traditions
    • Support to small artisans and entrepreneurs of the place visited
    • "Slow" and eco-sustainable planning
    • Guided tour with licensed tour guide and / or art historian  exclusively local
    • Support of specialized staff

    What anti-Covid-19 precautions do you take?

    To ensure the maximum safety of our guests and to better contain the development of the pandemic, our tours are conducted following the updated guidelines for the containment of the pandemic.  We kindly ask you to always wear protective equipment  like the masks. We also remind you that, at the moment, our tours take place with a limited number of seats. If the pandemic situation does not allow the visit, it will be canceled upon notice. 

    I can customize MI GIFT tours

    Absolutely yes. Our MI GIFT tours are designed to be exclusive and private experiences. Write us an email to and one of our Tour Manager will accompany you in customizing the tour according to your needs and those of your guests

    I have more questions

    Feel free to write to us in chat or by email at We look forward to helping you and having you among our guests

  •  I MI_NFT, un servizio esclusivo MI EXPERIENCE per scolpire in eterno il ricordo della splendida esperienza scelta.


    I nostri artigiani digitali creeranno per lei un NFT a scelta tra:


    • Digital Art: un NFT creato interamente da noi sulla base del tour scelto
    • Personal: un NFT unico, generato a partire da una delle sue foto scattate durante il tour scelto


    L'NFT verrà custodito nel nostro wallet o inviato al suo senza costi aggiuntivi

Absconditorum Clavis

MI EXPERIENCE is a project born during the pandemic to support Italian tourism and local operators.

The founders' experience of 30 years of activity in the tourism sector, available to the most discerning tourists, the most prestigious companies and the most renowned international personalities.

With our tours, trips, excursions, and events, we want to introduce you to the most authentic and unfiltered Italy: the entrepreneurial and industrious one of our artisans, the artistic and cultural one of the great painters, sculptors and architects and the greener one, product of a lucky mix of natural factors, which makes us one of the countries with the widest biodiversity in the world.

Do you want to organize a private tour or do you have questions? Chat with one of our Tour Manager

Your Testimonials ❤️

image (4).jpeg

Maria Trazza

Thank you for letting me travel, despite the restrictions, with online tours. Reviewing my Ravenna with you made me emotional

image (1).jpeg

Luca Cocchi

I will never forget the excursion to Como and Brunate. Magnificent views and a truly knowledgeable guide. See you next time!

image (6).jpeg

Cinzia De Giorgi

I have followed your online fashion tours with great interest. I didn't know Versace's story, but thanks for presenting this part of our Made in Italy history.


Lucia Tronzano

The excursion to Montevecchia and the Curone valley was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. Thanks Giulia!

image (5).jpeg

Matteo Riva

Thanks Giulia, my wife really enjoyed the gift of the online tour on women in art. Frida Kahlo is her favorite painter!

image (1).jfif

Anna Martinelli

Thanks to MI EXPERIENCE I rediscovered my hometown, Bergamo, in a new way. Thanks!

image (4).jfif

Matteo Borradori

Really a beautiful excursion, I did not know the Ortica district of Milan. Can't wait to join the next tour!

image (2).jfif

Francesca Conti

I attended the Porta Nuova tour with great interest. Thanks to Giulia and Simona for showing the most modern Milan. A really cool tour

image (5).jfif

Annalisa Spagna