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Brescia Guided Tour

Located halfway between Milan and Verona, near the Alps and surrounded by beautiful hills covered by vineyards, Brescia is a treasure chest of art, history and traditions.

It is the second largest city in Lombardy, after Milan, and it preserves numerous monuments of Roman times, including the Capitoline Temple dating back to the first century and the Piazza del Foro, as well as splendid medieval buildings such as the 11th century Duomo Vecchio, also known as La Rotonda for its circular shape,next to the Duomo Nuovo, the cathedral built in the 17th century.

Brescia has always been famous for its splendid Santa Giulia museum complex, that hosts important temporary exhibitions, the Castle, Piazza della Loggia, and also for its excellent food and wines, such as the famous Franciacorta.

Even nature lovers will find several attractions, including the wonderfulIseo Lake, just a few kilometers from the city centre. So it is a perfect destination for an excursion in total relaxation, and for hiking trails in the nearby mountains, in short, there is something for everyone!

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