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Como Brunate Guided Tour

During the tour you will not only enjoy a splendid view over the whole Lake Como, but you will also have at your disposal the explanations of an expert guide who will lead you to the discovery of the eclectic and liberty style villas characterizing Brunate, a lovely town just a few km from the city of Como reachable by the historic funicular (about 715m high).

However, if what you want to do is also to make a little bit of sport you do not have to worry about it! After relaxing among the villas of the village, we will follow an itinerary of about 40 minutes that will take us to the top of Monte Tre Croci where there is the historic Voltiano Lighthouse built in 1927. Here you can enjoy one of the most spectacular scenery of the whole Lake Como.

Do not miss this perfect cocktail of nature, art, and culture!

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